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As Ride Sharing Threatens to Disrupt Trucking Industry, Safety and Liability Concerns Follow

There’s no doubt that the sharing economy has revolutionized the way we live, work and get around. From services like Uber and Lyft to Airbnb and more, these new ways of doing business are steadily creeping into areas of our lives in surprising ways and disrupting generations-old ways of doing things. The ride-sharing business model,

Victims of Defective Airbags Could be Left Hanging in Takata Bankruptcy Restructuring

Embattled airbag supplier Takata is mulling U.S. bankruptcy-protection filing as it negotiates with private equity firms and automotive suppliers for a capital infusion to weather costs from the largest product recall in history. Absent from the discussion about Takata’s looming bankruptcy is consideration of what a bankruptcy filing might mean for those injured by defective

Distracted Driving, Cheap Gas Take Deadly Toll

After two decades of steady declines in fatalities on U.S. roads, traffic deaths and injuries are entering a second year of alarming increases. The first half of 2016 witnessed a 9 percent jump in vehicle deaths in the United States, including an 11 percent increase on Texas roads and highways. That translates to more than

Arkansas Jury Orders Hankook to Pay $1.2M for Tire Tread Defect Crash

Another win for Farrar & Ball against a global tire manufacturer MORRILTON, Ark. – An Arkansas jury late Thursday ordered South Korea-based Hankook Tire Co. LTD to pay $1.2 million to a severely injured dump truck driver over an accident caused by a tire tread defect. The verdict is the latest significant win against a

Shameful Milestone: OSHA Data Finds U.S. on Pace for More Than 4,000 Workplace Injury Deaths in 2016

2016 is shaping up to be another grim year for worker safety in the U.S. At the year’s midpoint, OSHA records indicate that the U.S. is again on track to record more than 4,000 workplace injury deaths. The rates probably will not set any kind of record but instead simply mark another year when too

Farrar & Ball’s Wes Ball Featured in Law360’s Trial Pros Q-and-A Series

Law360 recently sought out some of the most talented trial lawyers in the U.S. for its “Trial Pros” Q-and-A series. Firm cofounder Wes Ball’s profile is featured below. Trial Pros: Farrar & Ball’s Wes Ball Wes Ball, co-founder of Farrar & Ball LLP, has served as lead trial counsel in product defect, catastrophic injury and

Product Safety Recalls Have Reached Unprecedented Levels, but Manufacturers Still Slow to Protect Consumers

A record 51 million vehicles were recalled in 2015, while food-related recalls have doubled since 2002. Meanwhile, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announces, on average, one recall every day. Among the trends responsible for this spike in recall notices, we can thank better detection tools that spot problems that frequently went undetected before. For example,

KHOU News Report Featuring Kyle Farrar: Unprecedented NHTSA Report Finds Defective Takata Airbags Pose ‘Grave Danger’

Farrar & Ball’s Kyle Farrar spoke with KHOU TV Ch. 11 about new developments in the unprecedented Takata airbag recall, including the announcement by the U.S. government that certain Honda and Acura cars and SUVs pose such a “grave danger” that owners should immediately stop driving them until they can be fixed. The June 30

Worse than Bait and Switch: Car dealers keeping buyers in the dark about killer airbags

By now, Takata, Honda and dozens of other automakers share the dubious honor of having caused the largest product recall in U.S. history for defective airbags that have killed more than 13 worldwide and injured hundreds more. New recall announcements roll out on practically a weekly basis as the recall list grows to more than

‘Star Trek’ Actor’s Jeep Cherokee Was Under Safety Recall Before Tragic Driveway Rollover

Disturbing new details are emerging in the tragic death of actor Anton Yelchin, who was killed when his Chrysler Jeep Cherokee unexpectedly rolled down his inclined driveway on Sunday, pinning him against a brick pillar. Yelchin’s 2015 Grand Cherokee SUV is one of the models recently recalled by federal regulators for a gear shift lever

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