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Farrar & Ball successfully conclude litigation with General Motors and Key Safety Systems.

Farrar & Ball, LLP successfully concluded litigation with General Motors Corp. In August of 2006, the Ramirez family were traveling in their General Motors Astro minivan when the left rear tire failed by belt/tread separation. The Astro van rolled on dry flat pavement without being tripped by road debris of any kind. During the roll,

Settlement with Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.

Farrar & Ball, LLP successfully concludes litigation with Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. In August of 2006, The Ramirez family were traveling in their General Motors Astro minivan when the left rear tire, a Cooper tire, failed by belt/tread separation. The tire exhibited no signs of prior abuse or service related repairs. As a result

Farrar & Ball, LLP garner Houston-wide recognition.

The partners of Farrar & Ball, LLP – Wesley Todd Ball and Kyle Farrar – have been named to H Magazine’s 2007 Professionals On The Fast Track yearly edition. The list was created after H magazine gathered ballots from professionals throughout the Houston area in an array of fields including law, medicine, technology, and business.

Farrar & Ball obtained a $1,030,060 settlement for client injured in trucking accident.

Farrar & Ball, LLP force settlement in advance of trial for $1,030,060.00. Farrar & Ball, LLP were retained to represent Jorge Rodriguez concerning serious personal injury he sustained when a truck owned and operated by Transport Industries, Inc. failed to yield the right of way and collided with Mr. Rodriguez’s vehicle in Calhoun County, Texas.

Farrar & Ball, LLP obtain $310,000.00 settlement for minority shareholder

Farrar & Ball, LLP obtain a $310,000.00 settlement on behalf of wronged shareholder in a case involving allegations of fraud and breach of fiduciary duty.The case was filed in Harris County, Texas.

Farrar & Ball, LLP obtain settlement against Ford Motor Co

In Escobedo, et. al. v. Ford Motor Co., Farrar & Ball, LLP forced a settlement with Ford Motor Co. in a case involving allegations of defective design of the 2004 F-F150 Heritage for client. In 2004, Ford redesigned the frame of its F-150 pickup truck to include a closed box design. However, despite touting the

Farrar & Ball, LLP obtain $375,000.00 on behalf of client in trucking accident

Farrar & Ball, LLP successfully negotiated a settlement on behalf of a claimant who claimed the driver of tractor-trailer improperly negotiated an intersection thereby causing her only son to crash into the side of the tractor-trailer and cause severe personal injury. The case was filed in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Farrar & Ball, LLP obtain sanctions against Ford Motor Co

Farrar & Ball, LLP successfully argued Ford Motor Co. should be monetarily and procedurally sanctioned after numerous instances of attempted discovery abuse and stonewalling. Siding with Farrar & Ball, LLP, a Federal Judge sanctioned Ford less than 45 days before trial was to commence. Farrar & Ball, LLP take great pride in ensuring large company

Farrar & Ball, LLP file suit alleging defective handling and stability of the E-350 15-passenger van

Farrar & Ball, LLP recently filed suit against Ford Motor Co. for the defective design of the E-350 15-passenger van. Click to read The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration report concerning the dangers of 15-passenger vans. Click on the link below to read more about the dangerous propensities of 15-passenger vans.

Farrar & Ball, LLP negotiate confidential settlement with trucking company on behalf of brain-injured client

While traveling between Houston and Dallas on Thanksgiving day, the Long and Hillard families were rear-ended by an 18-wheeler. Though all four passengers in the vehicle were injured, the most sever injury occurred to Mr. Hilliard, who suffered a traumatic closed head injury leading to permanent impairment. Through discovery, it was determined the driver of

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