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$575,000 settlement reached against trucking company

Two weeks prior to trial, Farrar & Ball obtained a $575,000 settlement with a trucking company steaming from an accident that occurred on I-45. On March 23, 2007, Farrar & Ball’s client was traveling south on I-45 when he was rear-ended by an tractor traveling bob-tail. The client was transported to a local hospital due to his injuries. After his release, he was treated in his home town of Dallas, and eventually underwent a single level fusion surgery to repair his back. Farrar & Ball argued he could not return to his chosen line of work, and therefore suffered a loss of earning capacity in the future.

During discovery, Farrar & Ball learned the company had destroyed key evidence after the case was filed. Armed with this information, Farrar & Ball obtained a ruling from the Court that evidence had been intentionally destroyed, and that the destruction was detrimental to the Plaintiffs. The Court’s ruling, along with Farrar & Ball’s damages model forced settlement two weeks prior to trial beginning.

Farrar & Ball’s lawyers are dedicated to ensuring defendants do not destroy evidence, a tactic that is all too often prevalent in litigation. The lawyers experience in commercial vehicle litigation has given them the knowledge and know-how to discover when evidence has been destroyed, and to seek the appropriate remedies for the malfeasance. You can be guaranteed that with Farrar & Ball as your attorneys’, any evidence spoliation will be discovered and appropriate remedies will be aggressively sought.

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