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Farrar & Ball, LLP obtain sanctions against Ford Motor Co

Farrar & Ball, LLP successfully argued Ford Motor Co. should be monetarily and procedurally sanctioned after numerous instances of attempted discovery abuse and stonewalling. Siding with Farrar & Ball, LLP, a Federal Judge sanctioned Ford less than 45 days before trial was to commence. Farrar & Ball, LLP take great pride in ensuring large company

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Farrar & Ball, LLP file suit alleging defective handling and stability of the E-350 15-passenger van

Farrar & Ball, LLP recently filed suit against Ford Motor Co. for the defective design of the E-350 15-passenger van. Click to read The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration report concerning the dangers of 15-passenger vans. Click on the link below to read more about the dangerous propensities of 15-passenger vans.

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Farrar & Ball, LLP negotiate confidential settlement with trucking company on behalf of brain-injured client

While traveling between Houston and Dallas on Thanksgiving day, the Long and Hillard families were rear-ended by an 18-wheeler. Though all four passengers in the vehicle were injured, the most sever injury occurred to Mr. Hilliard, who suffered a traumatic closed head injury leading to permanent impairment. Through discovery, it was determined the driver of

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