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Farrar & Ball obtain favorable settlement in assault case

In Aguillon v. Silverleaf Apartments, et al., filed in Harris County, Texas, Farrar & Ball forced a favorable settlement months before trial in a case concerning insufficient security at Plaintiffs’ apartment complex in south Houston.

In the case, Eric Aguillon was attacked and severely beaten by an unknown third party while trying to enter his apartment residence. As a result of the attack, Mr. Aguillon was severely brain damaged and will require continuing medical treatment and support for the remainder of his life.

Farrar & Ball filed a lawsuit on behalf of Mr. Aguillon who alleged the Defendant apartment complex failed to properly secure its premises from unwanted and dangerous third parties. During discovery it was learned the apartment premise gate had been locked opened at the time of the attack due to the fact it would not properly function. It was further learned Defendant relied upon a “security guard” to defend its premises who had no formal security training. Conversely, Defendant testified its “security guard” possessed formal law training and was a member of the police force. Once this proved unambiguously untrue, a resolution to the case was reached without the necessity of trial.

The amount of the settlement is confidential at the insistence of Defendant.

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