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Farrar & Ball obtain settlement against Ford Motor Company in roof crush case

In Nieto et. al v. Ford Motor Company, et. al. filed in Brazoria County, Texas, Farrar & Ball forced a favorable settlement months before trial against Ford Motor Company.

In the case, Galvon Nieto was killed when the Ford F150 in which he was a passenger rollover due loss of control of the vehicle. During the rollover, Mr. Nieto was killed when the roof over his occupant position crushed his head and neck. Mr. Nieto was properly belted and remained in his seat further exacerbating his head and neck injuries due to the fact he could not escape the roof intrusion. Mr. Nieto was survived by two minor children and his spouse.

Farrar & Ball learned during the discovery phase of the case the Ford F-150 roof was designed without the existence of a traditional B-pillar due to the fact Ford’s engineers wanted the passenger side doors to open and close in tandem in a traditional “barn door” fashion. Because of this design, the already weak roof of the F-150 was permitted to further compromise during the rollover and kill Mr. Nieto.

The case was settled before trial for an amount which is confidential at the insistence of Ford Motor Company.

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