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Farrar & Ball obtained a $1,030,060 settlement for client injured in trucking accident.

Farrar & Ball, LLP force settlement in advance of trial for $1,030,060.00. Farrar & Ball, LLP were retained to represent Jorge Rodriguez concerning serious personal injury he sustained when a truck owned and operated by Transport Industries, Inc. failed to yield the right of way and collided with Mr. Rodriguez’s vehicle in Calhoun County, Texas. Farrar & Ball, LLP quickly filed suit in order to preserve all relevant evidence concerning the collision. It was later discovered through exhaustive discovery efforts the driver of the vehicle had been involved and held at fault in numerous other collisions preceding the underlying incident. Farrar & Ball, LLP firmly established Defendant Transport Industries, Inc. was fully aware of the driver’s inability to safely operate the subject 18-wheeler and further that it proceeded with conscious disregard to the safety of Mr. Rodriguez and all others who shared the roadway. Through Farrar & Ball, LLP’s efforts, a settlement with Transport Industries, Inc.’s insurance company was forced in advance of trial for the full policy limits of $1,030,060.00. As part of the settlement, Farrar & Ball, LLP also forced the owner of Transport Industries, Inc. to accept personal responsibility for the collision and pay a portion of the settlement with his own wealth.

Farrar & Ball, LLP are aggressively dedicated to ensuring the rights of victims who are harmed by the carelessness of others are properly compensated for their loss and injuries.

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