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One week in advance of trial Farrar & Ball, LLP announces a $600,000.00 settlement

One week in advance of trial Farrar & Ball, LLP announces a $600,000.00 settlement on behalf of their client with Defendant Rockin’ G Express and Garza Brothers Trucking. On March 29, 2006, Luis Cadena, a 31 year-old salesman, was stopped at a red light intersection in Houston, Texas. Romec Guzman was driving a tractor trailer owned by Garza Brothers, Inc. and Rockin’ G Express, Inc. Guzman rear-ended Mr. Cadena and the force of the collision forced Mr. Cadena’s vehicle into the intersection where it was once again struck again by the tractor-trailer. Farrar & Ball, LLP filed suit on behalf of Mr. Cadena against both trucking entities. Liability for the accident was not conceded; however, Guzman was cited at the scene of the accident for failure to control speed. Mr. Cadena was taken to hospital via an ambulance the day of the accident. He later underwent a two level laminectomy, discectomy, and fusion from L4 to S1 as a result of the injury. Mr. Cadena’s total medical expenses totaled $108,545.67. One week in advance of trial Farrar & Ball, LLP forced Defendants to settle for an amount nearly six times the amount of their client’s medical expenses. The case was originally set for trial in October of 2007; however, Defendants requested and received a last minute continuance the day of trial.

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