Commercial Litigation

Countless times every day in the United States, important business is conducted with agreements ranging from a handshake to a written contract. Employees are hired and promoted based on promises and expectations. Precious business assets and intellectual property are entrusted to employees. When conflicts emerge that cannot be resolved, our civil justice system and commercial litigation provide a forum for parties to resolve conflict.

Farrar & Ball represents individuals and business interests in litigation involving franchise agreements, securities transactions and contractual disputes. When conflicts emerge in real estate transactions and business dissolutions, clients appreciate our smart and aggressive approach. Farrar & Ball’s litigation model involves identifying all responsible parties and holding them accountable through exhaustive effort, starting with investigation and discovery and continuing all the way through to a temporary restraining order, jury verdict, settlement, and resolution. This aggressive approach to business litigation has resulted in successful recoveries for our clients.

The Farrar & Ball trial team is active in state and federal venues throughout the U.S. in matters including: contracts, non-compete agreements, breach of fiduciary duty and professional liability, and business control disputes. We have experience with employment litigation, service and financial agreements, insurance, and the sale of goods or assets.

The Farrar & Ball trial team has extensive commercial litigation experience. Our approach to litigation involves early trial preparation and aggressive investigation, whether a case ends up in front of a jury or across the settlement table. Contact Farrar & Ball to learn more.

Video & Visuals

Tire Demo without Nylon Wedge

This video animation demonstrates how steel belts inside a tire without a nylon wedge can generate dangerous amounts of friction. Learn More

Michelin Tire Recommendations

Corporate tire industry video documents safety concerns when two new tires are mounted on back of vehicle. Learn More

Tire Demo with Belt Wedge

This demonstrative evidence video animation is used to show jurors the components of a tire and illustrates how tires without “belt wedges” can generate dangerous friction between the steel belts. Learn More

Modern Tire Diagram

This demonstrative evidence image shows a cross section of a modern tire with liners, belts, nylon overlay and undertread. Learn More

Replacing Tires Guidelines

Corporate tire industry video explains safety and performance issues when only two tires are replaced on a vehicle, and how vehicle handling is affected by placement of tires. Learn More

Tread Separation Test

Video created by Carr Engineering Inc. to document a tread separation test with a Ford Explorer. Test shows that even an expert driver with knowledge that a tread separation event is imminent still cannot maintain control of the vehicle. Learn More

Tire Demo with Nylon Over Wrap

A video animation used as demonstrative evidence to illustrate for jurors the components of a tire, including belts, liners and tread base. This animation demonstrates how two belt liners rubbing together can create friction that leads to tire failure. Learn More

Ford Explorer Crash Testing

Short video documenting an SUV on a test track flipping and rolling, then crashing into a guard rail. Learn More

Nylon Safety Strips

Demonstrative evidence illustration used to explain to jurors the components of a tire designed with nylon safety strips in addition to steel belts. Learn More

Nylon Safety Belt

Side-by-side demonstrative evidence used to explain to jurors the differences between a cap ply tire with a nylon safety belt compared to a traditional steel-belted tire. Learn More

Mercury Mountaineer Tire Testing

Demonstrative evidence showing three different camera angles of a 2001 Mercury Moutaineer performing a controlled maneuver with a defective tire. Learn More

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