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Sanctions upheld against Goodyear Tire for hiding evidence, misleading courts about fatal G159 flaw

Thanks to the Arizona Republic for its recent article exposing for a wide audience Goodyear Tire’s shameful record in failing to alert the public regarding dangerous defects in its G159 tire. The piece by reporter Dennis Wagner details the lengths to which Goodyear went to block information about its defective tires from public view, actions that resulted in an Arizona judge imposing more than $2.7 million in sanctions for its “fraud on the court.”

The article highlights the efforts of Haeger family of Arizona to force Goodyear to release information about known safety issues with the G159 tire, which is commonly found on recreational vehicles. Writes the Arizona Republic:

Court records allege that, despite the accidents and more than 40 lawsuits, the industry giant continued making that tire for years. No recall or public-safety warning was issued. Some deaths and injuries were not reported to federal safety officials.

Meanwhile, according to rulings by a federal judge, Goodyear lawyers allegedly withheld evidence, misled courts and had documents sealed to keep the fatal flaw hidden. That secrecy campaign was so successful that, until today, no mainstream media outlet has reported in detail on the G159 tire’s lethal legacy.

According to court records, the G159 tires were designed to withstand temperatures up to 194 degrees, even though tests have found that temperatures within the G159 tires reach 229 degrees at highway speeds, subjecting the tires to tread separation and blowout. Goodyear continued to sell the tires to motorhome manufacturers and RV owners even after the national speed limit was increased to up to 75 mph on major U.S. highways.

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