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Deposition Excerpt from Bridgestone Firestone

2002 Wm C Ford depo excerpt of Bridgestone Firestone executive William Clay Ford Jr. in which he states that rollover injuries caused by tread separation were not the fault of the drivers.

Engineering Analysis of Wilderness AT Tires

A 2001 U.S. Department of Transportation engineering analysis of Firestone Wilderness AT tires. This comprehensive report details problems with Firestone tread defects and raises questions about whether these problems extend beyond recalled products. Contains numerous color illustrations and graphics.

Ownership in Tire Community

This infographic details the complicated shared ownership interests between tire companies.

Uniroyal Tire Patent

This image shows a 1973 Uniroyal patent office illustration of a steel belted tire with nylon safety belt.

SAE Seat Design Article

Academic article on seat design and collision performance, including government regulations to improve safety.

History of Tire Manufacturing

2006 article in describes the history of tire manufacturing, including the evolution of the design and use of cap plies.

Cap Ply Tire Recommendation

This 2003 study by David Osborne provides an overview of tread separation issues with tires and recommends increased use of cap ply tires to make tires safer and more durable.

How to Read Tire Sidewall

This diagram explains how to decipher the numbers and letters on the sidewalls of tires.

How a Tire Is Made

A broad overview of techniques and processes in making a tire.

Firestone Tread Separation Analysis

A previously confidential analysis by a Firestone expert regarding tread separation problems with Firestone tires.

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