Mark Bankston

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Mark is one of the state’s premier litigators, having secured a series of noteworthy victories at the trial and appellate level. Since joining the firm in 2010, Mark has helped hundreds of the firm’s clients ensure that wrong-doers are held accountable. His work takes him across the nation as he helps fight for clients in dozens of state and federal courts against some of America’s largest corporate defendants.

Mark’s chief concern as an attorney is the protection of working families, and his practice areas have been focused in the areas of corporate negligence, product defects, and hazardous medical devices. In 2015, Mark was a leading figure in the creation of national Multi-District Litigation to address a dangerous surgical device known as the “Bair Hugger.” Due to Mark’s pioneering work, thousands of these injured patients nationwide have been given an opportunity for justice. In 2018, Mark spearheaded three defamation lawsuits against notorious media figure Alex Jones, including lawsuits to address Mr. Jones’ vile lies about the parents who lost children in the Sandy Hook massacre. In 2020, Mark joined with D.C. law firm Gupta Wessler to bring suit on behalf of Imran Awan against The Daily Caller for its fake news about a bogus hacking conspiracy in the U.S. House.


A lifetime resident of Houston, Mark is married to fellow Houston attorney Elizabeth Eakin, who serves as an environmental prosecutor for the Harris County District Attorney.

Professional Activities and Affiliations
  • Licensed, State Bar of Texas, 2009
  • Member, Texas Trial Lawyers Association
  • Member, American Association for Justice
  • Member, American Civil Liberties Union
  • B.A., History, University of Texas, 2003
  • J.D, South Texas College of Law, 2009

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