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Farrar & Ball obtain confidential settlement against Ford Motor Company

Farrar & Ball successfully concluded litigation against Ford Motor Company when a settlement was reached in Navarro v. Ford Motor Company et al., filed inMaricopa County, Arizona. The lawsuit steamed from a rollover incident occurring on June 17, 2007 near Hermosillo, Mexico. The Navarro family was traveling in their 1998 Ford Explorer when the right rear tire suffered a tread separation, causing the vehicle to lose control and roll over. The incident killed Ms. Navarro and one of her sons, and severely injured another occupant.

Farrar & Ball filed suit on behalf of Ms. Navarro’s remaining children and on behalf of the injured occupant. Through discovery and past experience, Farrar & Ball learned the Ford Explorer was defectively designed in that it is unable to control in the event of a tread separation and has a dangerous propensity to rollover. Farrar & Ball reached a settlement with Ford prior to trial. The amount of the settlement is confidential at the insistence of Ford.

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