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Settlement with Continental Tire North America, Inc. and Ford Motor Co. announced

Farrar & Ball, LLP successfully concluded litigation with Continental Tire and Ford Motor Company involving catastrophic injuries to two adults and two young children. On August 25, 2006, the Rangel family purchased a Ford Expedition from Red McComb’s Toyota in San Antonio. The Expedition was sold as a “certified” pre-owned vehicle. Six days after the purchase, the right rear tire – a Continental Conti Trac – failed by belt/tread separation thereby causing loss of control and a subsequent rollover of the Expedition. The Conti Trac was original equipment for the Ford Expedition and had more than half its tread life remaining. Red McCombs, a Ford dealer, advertised its certified program as one which restored pre-owned vehicles to like new condition. Testimony revealed the “certified” program was meant to certify the vehicle as safe and without existing defects. Through testimony and extensive discovery efforts, it was learned the accident tire incorporated a manufacture defect concerning the wrap around gum strip (WAGS) and nylon edge strip, components often used to reduce the risk of tread separation by reducing operating stress at the belt edges. Plaintiffs argued McComb’s liability was premised on the fact the defect was detectable; therefore, the tire should have been removed from service before sale, especially when sold as a certified safe vehicle. As a result of the rollover, Lisette Jiminez and Jasmine Rangel, both four years of age, were ejected and suffered catastrophic brain injuries. Both where hospitalized for well over two months. Their injuries required each to relearn basic motors skills, how to speak, and perform basic tasks. Mary Rangel, mother of Jasmine, suffered a bilateral hip fracture, leg fracture, and arm fracture. Her injuries required internal and external fixation in addition to months, and years into the future, of physical therapy. Fabiola Jiminez, mother of Lisette, suffered a crushed pelvis and femoral head fracture, which required internal and external fixation in addition to months, and years into the future, of physical therapy.

In the year after Farrar & Ball, LLP filed suit, we aggressively worked to prove the case. During the fourteen months after the case was filed, and only four months from the beginning of trial, Continental, Ford, and Red McCombs settled with Plaintiffs for a confidential amount of money and terms.

Farrar & Ball, LLP are dedicated to helping those injured due to corporate neglect. Our firm has developed specialized knowledge of tire and vehicle failures and each respective industry. If you have a case involving injury as the result of a tire or vehicle failure, please call us immediately. We aggressively work every cases as though it was our only case. You too will receive specialized attention and mentoring

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