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Settlement with Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.

Farrar & Ball, LLP successfully concludes litigation with Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. In August of 2006, The Ramirez family were traveling in their General Motors Astro minivan when the left rear tire, a Cooper tire, failed by belt/tread separation. The tire exhibited no signs of prior abuse or service related repairs. As a result of the tire failure, Mr. Ramirez was unable to maintain control of the van and it subsequently rolled over on dry flat payment. In the rollover, Mr. Ramirez and his two sons were killed. Scene evidence and pictures unequivocally proved all occupants were wearing their seatbelt during the rollover. Three other occupants survived the rollover, although two occupants – both minor children – suffered severe brain injuries as a result of being ejected from the vehicle during the roll.

Farrar & Ball, LLP filed a lawsuit against Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. after a thorough and exhaustive pre-suit investigation which revealed the subject tire was defectively designed and manufactured. During the following year, Farrar & Ball, LLP were successful in obtaining tens of thousands of pages of documents from Cooper Tire and co-defendants. Numerous depositions of Cooper Tire executives were taken. The substance of these documents and depositions are protected from disclosure by Court order at the insistence of Cooper Tire.

In the year after Farrar & Ball, LLP filed suit, we aggressively worked to prove the case as stated in initial court pleadings. During the thirteenth month after the case was filed, and three months from the beginning of trial, Cooper Tire settled the case for a confidential amount of money.

Farrar & Ball, LLP are dedicated to helping those injured due to corporate neglect. Our firm has developed specialized knowledge of tire and vehicle failures and each respective industry. If you have a case involving injury as the result of a tire or vehicle failure, please call us immediately. We aggressively work every cases as though it was our only case and client. You too will receive specialized attention and mentoring in addition to the expertise.

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